UM Army Ramp Construction and Roof Repair Project

The outstanding volunteers from UM Army during the month of July assisted Elder-Aid in building handicap accessible wheel-chair ramps, porches, as well as roof repairs that improved the quality of life for our elders. UM Army's dedication and hard work will forever leave a positive impact that will be remembered. Elder-Aid extends our greatest thanks and appreciation for...
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First United Methodist Youth Group

group fumc
Volunteers are at the Heart of Elder-Aid, and these young helping hands definitely stole our heart when they dedicated their time and labor to clean up the yards of Elder-Aid's homes on Bittle Lane. The Youth Group of First United Methodist Church, replaced mulch, cut hanging tree limbs, raked and much much more. Elder-Aid and the tenants on Bittle Lane are incredibly th...
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Lowe’s Volunteer Partnership

Volunteers are the heart of Elder-Aid. Lowe's Home Improvement volunteers assisted Elder-Aid by renovating the roof on Normand Drive in College Station, Saturday, May 21, 2016. Elder-Aid extends our greatest thanks to Lowe's volunteers for their helping hand in carrying out our mission. For more information about Lowe's visit: http://www.low...
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MSC Lead

msc lead
Here's a big shoutout and thank you to the MSC Lead for assisting Elder-Aid in repairing a dilapidated ramp for a disabled elderly woman in Bryan. Also, a painting project done on Bittle Lane, that will be a new home for a low-income elderly couple. We are so happy and appreciative for the hard work MSC Lead put in to help out the community. We l...
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Grace Southwood Renovation Project on Lodgepole

Volunteers are the heart of Elder-Aid. Grace Southwood assisted Elder-Aid by renovating one of Elder-Aid's newest properties. This unit was completely restored with their help. Elder-Aid extends our greatest thanks to this genuine organization for their helping hand in carrying out our mission to ensure that the elderly in the Brazos Valley remain independ...
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Elder-Aid Open House

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Elder-Aid is hosting their first OPEN HOUSE in College Station this upcoming Monday, April 4th at 2 p.m., located at 3331 Lodgepole Circle, College Station, TX 77845. Come out and see how Elder-Aid is impacting the local low-income elderly community as well as beautifying the neighborhood. We are very proud to be working with the City of College Station for our mission and t...
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The E.A. POST Issue Five

E.A. Post Issue Five
Open your arms to The E.A. POST Issue Five! Enjoy the spring season while reading Elder-Aid's quarterly post outside, inside, at the park, at the store, in your car, or at the Doctors! Learn more about Elder-Aid Programs and FREE local events in the Bryan/College Station area. We understand you've been waiting and we apologize for the delay, but we finally h...
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Brazos County Senior Citizens Association

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For over 30 years, the Brazos County Senior Citizens Association has provided activities and programs for seniors 55 or older who wish to join the organization and interact with other seniors. Come and take the opportunity to meet and visit with friends, take an educational and cultural program by choice, and participate in a variety of recreational activities. Some cur...
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Kent Moore Cabinets

Elder-Aid would like to extend a huge thank you to Kent Moore for their generous donation of cabinets to our new upcoming houses. They offer the best custom-designed cabinets. Thanks to their support, we can offer exceptional housing for our tenants. For more information about their services please visit stop by their office at 501...
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