College Station Update

Howdy Everyone!

Just giving an update on Elder-Aid's progress with our College Station rental houses. We have installed new siding, new windows, new doors, and a roof on one of the properties. We currently are working on flooring, but we hope to have this one side finished soon! Elder-Aid Board Members and staff have been working extremely hard to bring low-income housing for the elderly to College Station and with each new installation we are continuing our mission for ensure that the elderly in the Brazos Valley remain independent and in the community for as long as possible. 

Not sure what we are doing with the City of College Station? Well check out the latest E.A. Post for more information regarding our new CHDO venture and our progress. If you're intersted in donating funds or your time please feel free to contact the Elder-Aid office at 979-823-5127 for more information. 

Shoutout to everyone who has made working with the City of College Station a success and for helping us rehabiliate homes for our mission! 

Thank you and have a great day!

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