This page showcases some of the community projects that Elder-Aid has undertaken. Thank you to all volunteers that made it possible. We also thank all the Texas A&M students who provided their time for this noble cause. 

1012 & 1014 Bittle Dedication

Dedication of our 1012 and 1014 Bittle Elder-Aid house locations. Thank you to all those who attended!

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1012 & 1014 Bittle Construction

Construction process of the 1012 and 1014 Bittle Elder-Aid house locations.

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Texas A&M Memorial Student Center Lead Fence Project

Sunday (04-19-15) MSC Lead came out to help Elder-Aid remove a fence at our Holt house. They braved stormy weather, ants, and grape-vines to help Elder-Aid with our needs! Unfortunately, due to the weather, the project was cut short. Elder-Aid is so thankful that we live in a community who is so invested in giving, thank you MSC Lead for all the work you've done and not minding the rain!

Big Event 2015: Masco Project

Every year Elder-Aid works alongside Karen Hall and The Big Event to bring joy to the lives of the low-income elderly. This year, Elder-Aid and students from The Big Event worked together to replace the dry wall of an elderly lady in Bryan. In 2014, Elder-Aid worked alongside The Big Event to replace an elderly home owner's roof. We are so grateful for the opportunity to make a difference and work with those in the community who want to give thanks. Big thank you to Karen Hall and The Big Event for a wonderful experience!

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Manning Roof Project

On Saturday, March 7th, Elder-Aid and volunteers participated in replacing Mr. Manning's roof in an effort to expand Elder-Aid's reach to outlying communities! We were so grateful for the opportunity to do something good for someone in need! We want to extend a huge thank you to all the volunteers and the Walmart Foundation Facility #322 for donating to us to give this man a safe home!

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2014 EA Homes

Here are photographs from the Elder Aid houses built in 2014.

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2013 Wells Fargo Project

Huge thank you to Wells Fargo for volunteering in painting, cleaning, fixing this home.

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English Language Institute House Painting

This project was at 602 W 15th on 2013. Thank you for all those volunteers from the English Language Institute!

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2013 Assist Project

Thank you to all volunteeers who helped put up a fence in this Elder-Aid home location!

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2013 California Roof Project

Special thanks to all volunteers who helped repair the roof at this location!

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2013 Roof Project at MLK

Big thank you to all volunteers for helping repair this roof!

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2013 HR Repairs

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2012 Concession Stand Volunteering

Our team working alongside with volunteerings at an Aggie football concession stand. Thank you to all volunteers for the help and support!

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2012 Groundbreaking

Thank you to all who attended in breaking the new ground for the next Elder-Aid home location.

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2012 North Preston

Home dedication for our North Preston Elder-Aid home location. Thank you to all who attended.

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2012 Shed Construction

Special thanks to Texas A&M Business Honors Group & Aplha Phi Omega for volunteering in constructing this shed.

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2012 Smith Project

Special thanks to all who volunteered in this project which consisted of repairing the roof and installing a sewer system.

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